Friday, August 15, 2008


A medieval church in Leicester which was vandalised two months ago has been cleaned up.

Vandals broke into St Margaret's Church on 15 June, damaging wooden altars and panelling, art deco paintings, a stained-glass window and candlesticks.

The 13th Century church has since been cleaned and will now feature in a series of guided walks through the city's historic sites.

Canon Barry Naylor said the superficial damage had been repaired.

"We have worked really hard to get the church cleaned up and to ensure that church life and worship would continue and not be disrupted by this incident.

"All the superficial damage has been sorted out, and the main structure of the church, along with much of its beauty and splendour, is still here for visitors to enjoy," he said.

'Encouraging' recovery

He added that the broken stained glass window, a smashed glass panel covering medieval stonework and some painted plaster panels still needed to be restored.

The organ is being repaired at a cost of around £9,000.

St Margaret's Church will be one of the main attractions on a series of tours to highlight Leicester's medieval heritage.

Visitors will be shown around the church on 25 August, as part of the Castle Park Heritage and Arts Festival.

Leicester City Council's cabinet member for culture and leisure Andy Connelly said: "It is very encouraging to see that this church has recovered from the vandalism it has suffered."

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