Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Almost a year and five months ago I lost the love of my life in one of the most brutal forms possible. He was stolen from me while I slept, the victim of a murder that still remains a mystery today. Now, not a day goes by that I do not wonder what happened. What did he do? Who did he anger so badly that they could have stolen him from us, his wife and his girls who loved him so much. Abel Martin Lopez Rodriguez was not a saint but he was not a vicious person either. He was a very quiet speaking person but was also very intelligent and in many ways a revolutionist. He instigated many peace marches and ideas from his desk and sought always to assist those who needed his help. Our home was always open to friends and strangers. That was the type of person that he was. He would give the shirt off his back or his last dollar to you if you asked for it.

Those of us who were privileged to know him in in the music world enjoyed a voice that could touch our hearts and stay on our minds long after the music had stopped playing.
We were fortunate to have known ALDO REY. That was his name in the music world.

Chetumal, Mexico and Corozal, Belize lost a great friend that day. I lost the part of my heart that I can never replace.

I thank God for small mercies. I thank HIM for allowing me to live three wonderful years with Abel. I thank HIM for never leaving my side even when it seemed to me that HE had.

There will always be things we cannot explain and there will always be things that will make us smile or cry.


Have a wonderful day and God bless all of you who find this post today.