Monday, February 2, 2009

He left His home in Heaven, to come to die for me,
No greater love ever given than the price at Calvary,
He was mocked, battered and beaten, then nailed to a cross,
Yet Jesus paid the ultimate price, for this world so lost,
The truth in God’s word, filled with promises from above,
Is more of my legacy that shows how we’re loved,
He sent His only Son, to die upon a tree,
To pay the dreadful price of sin and shame,
The blood shed was for you and me.

The day is drawing closer, soon Jesus comes for me,
To take me to my home above, To dwell eternally,
A place where there’s no sorrow, No dying will be there,
Glorious mansions to live in, And a banquet table prepared,
Dressed in robes of white, Walk on streets of purest gold,
And I can’t even imagine, seeing the prophets of old,
Elijiah, and Abraham, David and Moses too,
Talking with the disciples, about all they went through,
Being reunited with my loved ones, that went ahead of me,
But most of all my Jesus face is what I want to see.

But while we are waiting, before he splits the eastern sky,
Many are dying lost, Satan has blinded their eyes,
We must show the love of Christ in all we say and do,
We must know the word of God, walking in the light too,
Praying and fasting in faith, that they will quickly see,
That Jesus was not just a prophet, or a teacher,
But the one who died for you and me.

He Will Always Love You!

Submitted and written by: Janet McMillian