Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Today we celebrate the THREE KINGS in Mexico with the exchange of more gifts. I guess that the children really love that one because it meant that there was at least one more present to open.

So who were these three kings and why are they important?

If we read the bible we are told that three wise men came from afar bearing gifts for the King that they found in a manger where he laid. They had followed a star to that location and they knew that they would meet there the King of all Kings. In fact they told this to the king at that time and he was furious and told them that once they found this child to return to his palace so he could get the direction and go give his homage to this king also. Of course, they knew he met to injury the baby so they never returned to give him the information and thus, many male Jewish babies were killed in Pharoah's hope that he would kill the King that would replace him. Jesus was spared and grew up to be the Saviour of all Mankind. HE IS THE REASON WE HAVE THE SEASON.

We celebrate the gifts of the Magi, the gifts of the three Wise Men or the gifts of the Three Kings. We celebrate the officail notie of the birth of the KING, our Lord Jesus Christ.

And glory be HIS name forevermore. AMEN.


richies said...

I spent some time in Puerto Rico in the 70's. Three Kings Day was a bigger celebration than Christmas for a lot of people there.

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Brenda A. Ysaguirre said...

For the first time this year I shared two roscas de pan. It was a different tradition than I am used to bu t I am learning and enjoying.