Saturday, September 20, 2008


11-month-old Tips Off Grandma To Trouble
BRAINTREE, England (UPI) -- The grandmother of a Braintree, England, 11-month-old said the baby answered the phone and alerted her to the fact that the child's mother was in trouble.

Grandmother Linda Wight said she knew something was amiss when she phoned Elizabeth Boyle, 20, and the cell phone was answered by Wright's granddaughter, Amelia, The Times of London reported.

Wright said Amelia tipped her off that something was wrong in the home by asking, "Who's this?" and repeatedly saying: "Mama."

The grandmother phoned emergency services and Boyle awoke to find police at her doorway. She said she had blacked out in the hallway of her home.

Boyle, who had a history of passing out, was examined by paramedics, did not require hospital treatment.

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